Pepwave max transit duo

I have several customers using the pepwave routers with no issue but the last 2 I activated show connected in the router but have no data they are on a vz 500gb plan any info as how to resolve would be appreciated.

What do you mean? Is the wan health on the dashboard green or red? Can they access anything on the internet at all? Is the cellular connection getting an IP address? Is it visible in InControl2?

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OK the first customer sent this The wan health on the dashboard is green. Yes, i see an IP address in the wan connection status window

second customer sent wan green yes on IP where do they find control2

Hi - I just purchased the Pepwave Max Transit Duo and a BJ Communications customer with this problem. When I go into the Dashboard it says “Connected to Verizon” and I have 4 bars. But when I try to connect to the internet - via browser, email, anything, it doesn’t work. I eventually get a pop up that says the Wi-Fi network does not appear to be connected to the Internet.

Any ideas? I’m assuming that the SIM card or the BJ Communications plan is somehow not compatible with this device. Is there a way to confirm??


What VZW 500gb plan?

The only 500GB VZW plan I know off the top of my head was for home internet/rural internet.

Please share the full plan name.

Can BJ Communications please respond to this question? Thank you.

This is what MobileMustHaves says (who I purchased the Pepwave from):

" It’s the same thing I saw with the last person who had this plan? On our end, the Pepwave is all online and accessible.

To me? that indicates the plan is not allowing internet connections from multiple devices, so as a result it does not seem to be compatible with a Pepwave…"

BJs Communications response: “It is vz500gb”.

Any suggestions for resolution? Or is it that as MobileMeustHaves reports, that the plan is not compatible with a Pepwave? Thank you.

this is what I have for the plan
The device must be configured to the following APN (Access Point Name): vzwinternet

  • There is no static IP available and there are no add ons available
  • The IMEI and device model that will be used for the sim card is required for each activation.

APN: vzwinternet


Authentication Mode: None

There is no such plan as “vz500gb” AFAIK.

Just my guess but it sounds like a typical reseller plan which means that it is somewhat of a mystery as to what it is really is.

Plan code is VZ 500GB Plan HH

Ok so after trying multiple things it seems the ttl needs to be set to !!5 I have several other customers who have been succesful by doing this

Hello Alexis just wanted to let you know we have figured out how to get the verizon sim working on the pepwave router so if youd like to order again just let us know have a great weekend