Pepwave Max Transit CAT-18 Verizon Activation


Just got a new Pepwave Max Transit LTEA with the CAT-18 modem. I am having trouble activating it on Verizon. I input the IMEI and it says the device is not compatible with their network. I called Verizon on the phone and they said the same thing. Could use some help getting it activate here. Please let me know what I need to do.


I believe this is the reason.

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Hey gents,

Thanks for the responses. I do not think it’s the plan specifically. I say that because I spoke with sales reps both from the general sales side and the business sales side. In searching through the forums I am wondering if it’s related to Verizon Certification.



“Compatibility check” on carrier websites is nothing more than an internal database of pre-registered IMEI’s. Nothing more. Given the nature of many modern cellular devices having “global band” coverage this sort of screening has not aged well.

VZ would likely argue it reduced issues for customers who buy service and really have incompatible devices. It feels like a way to force you to buy a “verizon issued device”. But what is the argument for a post-paid versus pre-paid account!? Its crazy

Obviously your device is compatible. If u had an "official’ VZ jetpack and moved the sim card into your Peplink it obviously will work - without having to update the IMEI in VZ system!

One potential way around this for you is to enter in a “official” IMEI to get past their screening process. The sim card will work fine in your actual IMEI…

Thanks for the tip. That’s a great idea, but unfortunately for me the Jetpack I have is already on a Verizon plan and they won’t let me activate another on the same device. I think I will have to wait for the certification. Couldn’t agree more than it’s just a way for them to force sales.

Hi @Matt_R, we are still finishing up with the Verizon certification with this device and this is why it is not showing up. Hopefully completed in the next 2-3 weeks.

If you have an active SIM card from a different device you can just pop it in and it will work.

FWIW, the IMEI checkers on the carrier sites are very unreliable. They are very focused on smartphones.



Sounds good @Tim_S . I’ll keep an eye on the forums for when you guys have Verizon certification. Fair to assume you guys will make a post when it’s certified?

Hey Tim_S, I too am interested in this, as I just bought a Max Transit Cat-18 and want to use Verizon. I’m not trying to push but wondering how we will find out when it’s past the VZ certification. I have also tried my IMEI on their website and can’t get past because I don’t have a VZ compatible device except for the transit. When you guys get certified, will you make them update their IMEI database? :slight_smile:


I too am interested in knowing if my Max Transit CAT-18 has been certified by Verizon yet. A couple weeks seems to be turning into multiple months. Please advise a current status on where this stands.


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My Max Transit Cat 18 is now very dependant on getting Verizon Certification so I can corner Verizon WTF on setup. I am convinced they see my IMEI as a none approved device.

@rvdougbigley, Our HD1 Cat 18 has no problem to connect to Verizon.

Please verify with Verizon whether your data plan can be supported by a commercial router. You may check out this forum thread - US Data Plan on LTE CAT-18 Models also.


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