Pepwave MAX Telemetry

Hi all,

My experience with on-board telemetry is very limited.

I’m very curious about the possibilities with Pepwave MAX products regarding telemetry.
Let’s take an ambulance or a police car as an example.
When I say telemetry, I mean remotely obtaining live information about sirens on/off or the technical state of the vehicle.

A few competing brands I know have some support for telemetry, could someone inform me if there’s any support for telemetry with Pepwave MAX?

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None at present.

I played with the ODB2 interface a while back using a bluetooth ODBII dongle and a raspberry Pi. The capability is all there. to capture on board messaging for all aspects of a vehicle operation and squirt it up to a server for review.

I was thinking to ask the IC2 guys to add a webhook for custom event publishing which I thought would be a neat solution, the Pi detecting onboard events (like engine start and voltage sensors for things like sirens and blue lights) and then raising events against the MAX device in IC2 that could then be reported against.

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Thanks Martin,

So there’s no functionality for telemetry on Pepwave MAX as of now, correct?
This means telemetry via Pepwave MAX currently requires a 3rd party device as you described.

I can imagine that having support for telemetry could be great step forward for Peplink regarding the public safety industry.
That’s why I’m asking.

@sitloongs/@Tim_S, is there anything regarding telemetry on the Peplink roadmap?

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We’ll have telemetry capability integrated moving forward. It will be in Q1 2018. Stay tuned.


Sounds good, can’t wait to hear more on that!

Thanks @Alex.

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