Pepwave Max speedfusion with same subnet

I have 2 Pepwave max 4G router. Can I connect with speedfusion VPN but with same LAN subset IP?
example: Both Router must be using LAN IP 192.168.50.xx
I just tested, if both router with same LAN IP client, the client cannot access any website and cannot ping the other side client. (Router A, client , Router B, client =
How Can I do that? or 2 router cannot be same IP?


This help?

Can you do 1-1 virtual nat on one side? look under the question marks on the network tab.
define one something like VNAT range

I must use same Subnet for the pepvpn.thanks
Bother client IP= 192.168.50.xx
how can I do that? but my router don’t have VRF

can you do as a layer2 tunnel?