Pepwave MAX or Peplink Balance for SNG vehicles

I am working on some projects for remote news-gathering vehicles and I am looking for solution for two scenarios:

  1. I have some vehicles with existing LTE voice/data modems (x4 per vehicle) and need a device that will provide the following functionalities:
  • bandwidth bonding;
  • load balancing and failover;
  • bandwidth monitoring.
    Optionally VPN connectivity to our data centre. We normally use FortiGate firewall to provide this, however we are open for other platform including Peplink.
  1. New production vehicle (“mobile office”) that require connectivity to our data centre via LTE modems:
  • bandwidth bonding;
  • load balancing and failover;
  • bandwidth monitoring;
  • VPN connectivity to the data centre (preferable in conjunction with FortiGate);
  • capability to allow VoIP using external SIP device;
  • capability to allow file transfer and/or streaming to/from the data centre.

Your suggestions are appreciated.



I would go with the HD4 for the vehicles and depending on how many LTE connections that are used with the the mobile office any of our MAX Cellular routers will do (HD2/HD4 Series).

Essentially HD2/4 use embedded SIM modems and will allow for bonding. If you want to go the USB modem route then you would be looking at the MAX 700.

Here is a full comparison to narrow it down to a more specific product: (Scroll halfway down the page on the below link for comparison chart).

Thanks Jarid,

The vehicles in scenario #1 already have LTE modems that are used for voice too. Any Peplink device that is able to bond four existing WANs?

On the other hand if the HD4 is to be used (see scenario #2), do I need a Peplink device at the datacentre so that I am able to activate a VPN?



You can create a bonded link between any two SF capable devices. Meaning, you can create a VPN between Mobile Office and Vehicle and still bond on either end.

If you plan on having multiple remote ends I would recommend using a Balance router to act as a VPN concentrater.

We also have a software version called FusionHub that you can terminate the HD4 too. FusionHub can be installed on a VM that you host or on the cloud (such as AWS).