Pepwave Max Lost WIFI (Green Light)

New Pepwave Max, I lost WIFI after 2 days. no green light on WIFI and no signal.

Hey there. I just created my account to come to this forum to post a thread about the same thing.
I bought my PepWave MAX Transit Duo in November. I bought it to use in an RV. I used it for the first time in January. The WiFi stopped working after a day or so. I restarted it and had about 2 days of uptime and the WiFi went down again.
Yesterday I got back from a 1-week trip. The same thing happened. I lost WiFi on the first night (less than 18 hours of uptime). Sometimes it will go for days without losing WiFi. Sometimes it stops working in under 24 hours. My wife and I work from the road and need to be able to rely on the WiFi being online.

What kind of uptime are others getting from their PepWave routers?

I also have no cellular and mine has not come back on since I lost it.

So restarting your router did not solve the problem?
In my case, restarting the router was the short term solution. However, any ole router should be able to stay up for 30+ days. And I would expect much more uptime from this router.

Well, I finally got WIFI and Cellular back. Being new to Pepwave and just installing this WIFI router, I inadvertently turned off WIFI when I was in the Web Admin Dashboard.
This was a learning curve for me and as I am finding my way around this WIFI router, I think I am going to like the Pepwave technology.

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