Pepwave MAX HD4 not responding to pings on


i have a Pepwave MAX HD4 and i am trying to connect to the web portal. I have configured my Ethernet adapter to have a fixed IP address and set it to and disabled IPV6 to use only IPV4. When I was not able to connect to the device I tried to ping it via command prompt (ping and it didn’t receive any response.

i also reviewed the arp table and it does not look to be populated.
Interface: — 0xf
Internet Address Physical Address Type 01-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx static 01-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx static 01-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx static

i held the reset button located just below the WiFi 2 port for 20s and and i observe the red LED blink 2 times after 10s and 1 time after 20s (as per the manual). i wait until the status LED turns green again and i tried to connect again without any success and the entry does not show up in the arp table either. i checked with Wireshark and there is nothing being sent out from

At this point i’m not clear how to connect to the unit or recover the unit. is there potentially an option to update the firmware over USB?

thanks for your help!

You wrote you configured your Ethernet interface to, but you didn’t indicate to what you set the interface’s netmask and other parameters.

Why don’t you instead set the interface to DHCP and see if the Peplink modem gives the computer an IP address, etc.?

Hi James,

thanks for the response!

i set the subnet mask to (default) in this case. i also tried for the subnet mask.

when i enable DHCP on the adapter i get an IP address of and a subnet of either configuration are failing to respond back to a ping in this case. i checked the arp table and there isn’t anything listed in this case that would make sense.

i spoke with a distributor of Peplink and they thought it might be related to a remote profile being pushed from InControl2? could that be the case? means it’s getting nothing.

The distributor could be right. So: Take the antennas off so it can’t connect to a cellular network, factory-reset it again. Then it should come up with the default factory settings, at which point you should be able to get in and disable InControl.

If this is what’s happening: It’s one of the things I was warned about in purchasing used Peplink modems. And it seems that Peplink cannot, or will not, remove a device from an InControl account–or so I’ve been informed.

Kind of wondering what’s happening with this one, @RPM.

Hi James,

looks like i am able to get in. looks like a faulty Ethernet cable or Ethernet to USB adapter. i swapped it out for a know setup and it seems to be addressed in this case. the issue was on my hardware and the unit seems to be looking like it’s all up and running now.

thanks for your help!