Pepwave MAX-HD4-LTEA-W-T

Hi I am getting a MAX-HD4-LTEA-W-T this will be installed on a boat we will travel all around the world , I am wondering if this device will work in Europe USA Hong Kong area and South Pacific and I am wondering also for the antenna type that should be installed

thanks in advance for your help

Hi Carmine - welcome to the forum!

Some big questions there. If you search on the forum you will see that a lot of people are using the Poynting 402 antennas OMNI-402 but is seems that perhaps the biggest challenge that we see on vessels is antenna location relative to the Peplink router and the subsequent length of the antenna cable runs.

Where in the world are you based? I would suggest speaking with your Peplink supplier or a local Peplink partner to get some in depth assistance on this.

Or if you share more details about the vessel and install locations I’m sure you’ll receive some great advice and opinions here.

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Hello Martin, I am in Italy La Spezia area this is a new build and they are proposing this antennas GSM UMTS 3G 4G 6 BANDS Cell antenna for the BR1 ( as per building specs ) that’s why I am asking to upgrade to the MAX-HD4 , than will be installed a antenna booster OMDO than will go to the antenna

Hello Carmine, Martin is correct, you should consult with a knowledgeable Peplink supplier or a local Peplink partner. The performance issues he mentions can be severe in a vessel.

Depending on the Peplink model selected, the requirements for the current modems available can be separate for Asia / Pacific than Europe / Americas usage. Also Peplink is going through a generation change of their model line at this time. Some models will allow modem module upgrades without changing the expensive router platforms. I would not select a HD4 at this time for a worldwide vessel, the modems can not be upgraded. I would consider a HD4 MBX, HD2 MBX or BPL-SDX and plan on upgrading the cellular modules. But note that I have not yet seen the specifications on the next generation Cat 18 modules for how they will work in Hong Kong and Asia.

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Omdo with world cruising is a risk in itself. There’s zero guarantees when using a booster travelling abroad and you do run the risk of a fine in some countries. Assuming it’s a sailing yacht, a much better option is to use one of the dome variants (HD2 Dome or similar) and mount it up the mast. This means there’s no issue with cable losses and so normally better coverage. However, as Seaward has said, this doesn’t give you the ability to swap out the modems should you wish to in the future, you would need to swap the dome instead.

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Horizon is correct, which reiterates the point that vessels should have a regional Peplink dealer knowledge in RF design assist with the selection.

The HD Domes combined with a below decks Balance Router (No modems) have limitations as noted on being fixed to modem type. But with the coming 2020 release of the HD1 Dome with Cat 18 modem at a reasonable price, Upgrading when required by swapping the domes itself will be a reasonable cost compared to the modules in the MBX or SDX platforms. Certainly a little more for 2 modems but worth the improvement in antenna performance.

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Hi @Carmine
The MAX-HD4-LTEA-W-T (CAT6) is worldwide but not including Asia/Pacific. There is an Asia Pacific model which is MAX-HD4-LTEA-P-T however, I would recommend you consider the HD4 MBX which does come in truly worldwide versions - MAX-HD4-MBX-LTEA-K-T (CAT12) or MAX-HD4-MBX-GLTE-G-T (CAT18)
The higher the CAT, the more recent version of modems in the router which means faster data transfer rates.

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Hello Sam, thank you very much ! I will investigate into it :wink:

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