Pepwave Max HD4 Licensing

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I am researching the MAX HD4 Firstnet router and I just have a couple of questions about the licensing.

We are going to set our 1-4 Max HD4 Firstnet devices to run through a partner jurisdiction’s Balance Endpoint.

Can someone please simply explain how the licensing works? I have been using a demo unit the past 2 weeks that already has Speedfusion but the warranty is expired so I have been doing everything through the admin web interface. I just need to know which licenses to buy for each HD4 that we end up buying so I can plan the budget accordingly.

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Hi and welcome to the forum!

From a device perspective the HD4 comes with pretty much all the licensing most people need. The big one of course is the SpeedFusion Bonding license which is included.

Optional device licenses include WAN Port activation (Where LAN ports 1-3 become WAN 3-5), there is an optional FIPS license if you need enhanced security compliance and you can add a license to increase the total number of supported remote peers.

When it comes to InControl2 you get the first year of IC2 access included with the device then you need to buy more. Your original purchase point will be able to assist with that. On the higher end devices like this, IC2 is typically bundled with the hardware warranty.

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Thank you for the quick reply Martin. That cleared up my confusion with the licensing. Our device would just be running several users on Wifi and connecting to a single Balance Router at a different site. Are the peers considered the Balance Router or the people on the Wifi? The Wan port activation on Lan is pretty cool we might consider that too.

Does the HD2 also include Speedfusion?

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Remote Peers are the remote devices between which a PepVPN/SpeedFusion VPN tunnel is created. So in this case the HD4 would be connecting to one peer - the balance router.

Yes it does.

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