Pepwave MAX HD4 issue


We have problem with one Pepwave MAX HD4. When we start it for first time after it was not working for long time (8 hours for example) it is booting very slowly. We actually wait for an hour and start to restarting it. We don’t know if it is going to boot without restart. Status light is stays on RED and only switch module is working. If we restart the device 2-3 time it start to boot in one minute. After that is is booting in 45-60 sec every time which is OK. We have 4 SIM cards (one on each modem) We do not use WiFi.
During the status light is red we do not have ping, 80 or 443 to the modem UI and the DHCP of the modem is not working.
To power the modem we use power inverter 12 to 220V. With the same inverter we power 2 laptops and other electronic systems that are working fine.
Do you have any suggestions what could be the reason for this?

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Please open a support ticket for further investigation:


was this resolved?
I was wondering if your inverter had enough amps to run the HD4, I had run into a similar issue a while ago and it was amps from the inverter causing the issue. tech support was great but every time they logged in it was at night (they in China and we in US) so not a lot was running to drag the inverter down.

just curious


Thank you for follow up. We change the location of the device and the issue
is resolved, so probably your suggestion is correct.

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