Pepwave MAX HD4(connecting multiple sims with single antenna)

I have the pepwave HD4 MAX and I want to use 3 sim carriers with a single antenna. The antenna I am going to use is SC-288W | Full Band Fiberglass Antenna ( . The support staff of the antenna said that it can receive all signals simultaneously. I want to know how should I be connecting it to the pepwave. Should I use an SMA connector? All the cell inputs have primary and secondary outputs for antenna.

You would need to use one antenna per modem so you would need three antennas and you will need to connect them to the primary antenna connector.


What you request is feasible. You need to put a 3-to-1 power splitter at the output of each main cellullar slot and connected to your antenna.
We deployed this already successfully on boats.

By the way, still to be tested but it should support also WiFi on top of cellular.

Attention, I’m not sure it is the recommended usage for a MAX device.

I’ll mail you the details.