PepWave MAX HD2 Rev 2 and 4 - POE+ Power Supply ACW-622 Buzzing Noise and POE+ option not available on LAN ports

I purchased the ACW-622 56V Power Supply for POE+ from a PepWave distributor. They ensured me that this was the correct power supply for my MAX HD2 revision 2 and 4 units.

However, I’m noticing 2 issues with the POE+ power supply unit:

  1. I am hearing a buzzing sound inside the HD2 when the POE+ power supply unit is connected.
  2. The POE+ option on each LAN Port is not available.

Is this the correct POE+ power supply for my revision 2 and 4 MAX HD2?

Do I need a license to activate POE+ on each lan port?

Can someone confirm that POE+ is available on the MAX HD2 hardware revision 2 and 4.

The ACW-622 (56V - PoE Kit) is meant for MAX HD2 hardware revision 5 and above (hardware revision info here), which the 802.3at/at PoE output feature is first introduced to this model.

You may discuss with the point of purchase on trade-up, refund, exchange, or other options that deem appropriate.