Pepwave MAX HD2 LTE Slow Wi-FI AP Speed

I am having issues with my Wi-Fi AP on the Pepwave MAX HD2 LTE. Firmware v7.0.0 build 2742 Support Ticket #774218

Wi-Fi speeds are 0 - .5 Mbps while LAN speeds are around 15 Mbps
If you Disconnect the LAN ports from the Netgear switch the Wi-Fi Speeds are normal at 15 Mbps.

This setup is a bit unique as our server rack is setup at the race track every weekend in a new country, so diagnostic time is minimal as we only have about 4 days this system is fully up and running per week. Breakdown is as follows:

Alkamel supplies timing and internet via a Mikrotik RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN 10 port router. This router setup is locked down and I have no access to the admin settings within this device due to having other race team’s data distributed through the Alkamel system. Mikrotik IP Address is

The Mikrotik connects to the Pepwave via the WAN1 port.
The Pepwave connects to a Netgear GS748TV5 48 port switch via 1-4 LAN ports
Pepwave Admin settings are mostly default.

WAN Connection Details:
IP Address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway
Connection Method DHCP

LAN Connection Details:
IP Address
Subnet Mask
DHCP Enable
DHCP Reservations on two devices

Port Settings:
LAN Ports 1-4 Enable
Speed Auto

Advanced Settings have not been touched at the moment.

AP Controller is set to Integrated AP only
Enable is Always On
VLAN Untagged LAN
Broadcast On
Data Rate Auto
Multicast Rate MCS7/54M
IGMP Snooping Enabled
Max Clients 0: Unlimited
Band Steering Disable
Restricted Mode None

AP Settings:
2.4GHz only as 5GHz is illegal in our series
Operating Country Germany
Preferred Frequency 2.4GHz
Channel Width Auto
Channel 13 (I have tried all channels, but this has the least interference)
Output Power Fixed: Max with Boost enabled
Signal Strenth Unlimited
Max Clients Unlimited
Management VLAN ID Untagged LAN (No VLAN)
Wi-Fi Operating Mode WAN/AP (Have tried AP/AP with same results)
AP Advanced Settings are all set at Default

Any help is much appreciated.


The problem looks like related to the environment. I would suggest getting help from your purchasing point to check this on-site.

Thank you.

Hi TK,

Thank you for the reply. Could you elaborate a little bit on your comment? I don’t believe environment could be the issue due to the fact that when I unplug my LAN network, the Wi-Fi AP speeds are completely normal. To me it seems as though the HD2 is prioritizing bandwith to the LAN connection and limiting bandwith on the Wi-Fi AP. Is there a setting for this that I have missed?


Just checking in to see if I could get a better response? For a product that has a price tag as high as these units, I would expect technical support to be at a higher standard.


There is no prioritization bandwidth between Ethernet LAN connection and Wi-Fi AP. Ethernet LAN connection and Wi-Fi AP are sharing the same WAN bandwidth (15Mbps)

If WAN is congested by Ethernet LAN and WIFI LAN traffics, WIFI LAN user mostly will be affected due to the different medium transfer used, Ethernet LAN client should have more advantage compare to WIFI client as response time is much more lower than WIFI connection. This in-directly reduce the performance for the WIFI client.

Do you try before using group bandwidth reservation to reserve bandwidth for LAN client and WIFI client ? Will that help for your case ?

Example: Bandwidth Control —> Group Bandwidth Reservation screenshot:

P/S: For easy to setting up the Bandwidth Control, you can separate WIFI and LAN client into different VLANs.

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