Pepwave MAX-HD2 High Availability Setup with Peplink Balance 30 LTE


Is it possible to setup high availability between a Pepwave MAX-HD2 device and a Peplink Balance 30 LTE? If yes, please explain the detail setup process if you have only 1 WAN connection coming in (1 ISP provider) that needs to feed both devices (HD2 and Balance 30 LTE).

FYI… My cable modem only has 1 WAN port.


Hello @pglover19,
HA (High Availability) is only available with specific models and the models must be matching for it to work.
What are your main reasons for wanting HA, there may be another way to achieve something similar for you.
Have a look at this previous post as there is already an extensive conversation about this topic

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Currently I have a Max-HD2 and recently purchased a Balance 30 LTE. The Max-HD2 unit is my master and the goal is to have automatic failover to the Balance 30 unit in a master/slave configuration. If automatic failover is impossible, maybe I have a manual failover setup. Please explain what my options are.


Hello @pglover19,
This post where you create and active active failover setup from @Steve.Taylor may be your best option where he uses VLANs and the available WAN & LAN ports.

Have a read over this and let us know if it fits, you can do something like this between differing models of Peplink/Pepwave models.
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Marcus :slight_smile:


How does the Balance 30 compare to the MAX-HD2 from a specifications point of view? If the specs are similar, maybe the most economical route is to purchase another Balance 30 to take advantage of the HA capability.

In addition, is the WAN port on the Balance 30 1000mbps?