Pepwave MAX HD2 Dome Stuck on 3G

I have MAX-HD2-DOM-M-LTEA-WK with two ATT cards and they can connect only at WCDMA. I put one of the cards in a phone at connected at H+ with much higher speeds. Tried to enter specific APN with no success.

All ideas are welcome.

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Where in the world is it located that you are having the issue?
Has it ever connected to H+ or LTE, or LTE-A?
What is the firmware and hardware revision of the device?
Have you tried forcing Network Mode to AT&T and LTE/3G selection to LTE Only?
Also you can try removing all bands under Band Selection and forcing it to connect to the same bands you phone is working on.
Use CellMapper app on your phone to see what bands you are connecting to.

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Thanks Jonathan,
No, it’s a new unit and I don’t think it has ever connected to 4G
Firmware version:
|Device Name|MAX_HD2_D412|
|Model|Pepwave MAX HD2 Dome|
|Product Code|MAX-HD2-DOM-M-LTEA-WK|
|Hardware Revision|1|
|Serial Number|2938-CF23-Dxxx|
|Firmware|8.1.2 build 5114|
|PepVPN Version|9.1.0|
|Host Name|max-hd2-d412|
Yes, I tried forcing to 4G, 3G, ATT and Auto. When forced on LTE it is stuck getting the IP address and keep resetting.
I will try the Bands now with the Cell Mapper.

Thanks again for the response.

Forgot to say we are in downtown San Diego.

All seems good, maybe the plan you are on is forcing the tower to connect you to 3g?
How did it go blocking some bands?

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Its the sim card/plan

Hi there,

An update. It wasn’t the contract. I tried and with few other sim cards in different devices and none of them could connect to LTE. I tried with iphone 11, Samsung S10, S21 and some other phone that dont remember. And the speed I manage to get from each of the device was compatible with what I was getting from the Pepwave per sim. The best I manage to connect was WCDMA+ which is technically 3G.

That sounds hard to believe given your stated location in a major metro area. I wouldn’t settle for that because it will be incredibly slow, waste of money. You should consider some setup with directional antennas. There must be a way to get LTE signal from your location with a proper setup!

What carrier(s) & plan(s) are you using?