Pepwave MAX HD1 Dome randomly disconnects from cell service

i have a HD1 that will randomly disconnect from my cell provider (Verizon) where I need to reboot the HD1 device to restore service.

I’m running 8.1.2 build 5114 - but the previous version has the same issue. It also doesn’t depend on my service location as it happens regardless of my location.

Anyone seen this before?

May I know the Cellular WAN status when it’s disconnected ? It would be best that you can submit a ticket for support team to check.

Hi John,

I’ve been experiencing the same issues with 2 HD1 domes. One of them is already reported and a ticket has been opened with Peplink Support a few months back.

Here are some of the issues I experienced:

  • Cellular modules disconnecting all the time.
  • Time Synch Fail.

While Peplink Support was troubleshooting, they uploaded a firmware which made the unit unusable. This was 5 months ago. They sent a new one as part of the warranty and it did the same. Reported it, Peplink took a look, uploaded a firmware and bricked it again.

The other unit has been working all the time, but it has been unusable as the bandwidth is inconsistent. The errors wouldn’t show up on the log, but while looking at the cellular details it would variate the RF values, particulary the RSRQ from -13 to -14, -15, -17 and back. This is being stationary at the same place.

Peplink has some great products, but unfortunately I am not happy with the performance of the HD1’s.

Hopefully we get it resolved.

Did you ever solve this? I have a customer with an HD1 Dome, latest firmware (8.2.0) and verizon SIM card… hasn’t moved boat in a month. Every day, approx every 24 hours, sometimes more often, the WAN goes down and he just reboots the dome and it’s back up. Strong signal and great speeds while working.

Is it possible to place another device there to see if its happening to it? Cell tower issues aren’t uncommon but it would be best to rule out the device itself before escalating a case with the tower crew.