Pepwave MAX BR1 - Switching Towers

Hi I am new here… I have Pepwave Router
Model: Pepwave MAX BR1 ENT,
Product Code: MAX-BR1-ENT-LTEA-R
Single SIM Card
AT&T Carrier
Band Selection = LTE (Band 2)
MTU = (1428)

Using Proxicast Antenna Model ANT-129-001

Question I have, is it possible the router can automatically switch from one tower to another?
The reason I’m assuming this maybe accrued, is because my download speed went down from mid 70s Mbps to 8 Mbps. 2 hours later came back strong in 70s and still going…


There are countless reasons why speed would vary depending on time of day. The same can be said of wire-based connectivity.

Most likely cause would be the tower your connected to becomes congested. If that occurs and your on a pre-paid, MVNO or a plan which does not specifically include “premium data” your going to be placed in the slow lane.

Ok so I did more research and I believe switching towers is a very good possibility based on what I found. After I found my Cell ID, I located the Cell Tower where I’m connected to. I also found out I do have Premium Data Plan! Not sure why the system picked a Cell Tower 2.6 Km from my location when there are multiple Towers closer to me. I’m guessing they are too congested or they try to balance the load…

I’m curious about when the switching occurs?
A- When the router reboots?
B- Soft reboot, when changes are made to Band selection?
C- Does the carrier switch the node dynamically maybe due to high bandwidth traffic?
D- Some Other reason?

Hard Setting = LTE (Band 2)
LTE Band 2 (1900 MHz)
RSSI: -66dBm SINR: 12.8dB RSRP: -97dBm RSRQ: -10.0dB
Secondary Band (SSC1) LTE Band 2 (1900 MHz)
RSSI: -77dBm SINR: 15.0dB RSRP: -99dBm RSRQ: -7.0dB

Here’s the map showing my location and the tower I’m connected to

Tower proximity means nothing as the antennas on a particular tower may be tuned for specific range and direction.

My device on Verizon in my driveway binds to a tower further away just like you.

What AT&T plan are you on exactly? Prepaid or post paid?

It’s Business with unlimited data plan

Which business plan? some business plans are pooled premium data, some are unlimited premium data to a certain GB then deprioritize, dont think any are true unlimited premium. how much data have you used so far in the cylce?