Pepwave MAX BR1 Pro 5G Router - direct DC power wire to fuse box

Hello - I mounted my MAX BR1 Pro 5G into my camper shell and bought a power wire to go directly to DC power for this router (surprised it did not come with it, especially given the price), but wondering what amp fuse should be used to supply the power to the wire.

I know this device can take anywhere from 10-30 volts, but I’ve seen nothing about the recommended amperage. I would like a fuse connecting this wire for protection from surges or other snafus.

The power wire has four wires, two of which are for switched power, two are constant DC power. I’ll figure out which is which but if someone knows that or where to find that info it would be a help too. Thanks!

Got a response from another web site - recommend a 2.5 amp fuse for this unit.

The red wire is hot (constant power) and the black is negative (ground). The other two are for switched power (ignition) which I wouldn’t use here.

It draws a maximum of 19W and if you are using 12VDC that comes out to 1.58A. You should be fine with a 2A or higher fuse.