Pepwave Max BR1 Newbie setup questions

Hi all, I am currently leasing a Pepwave Max BR1 LTE Newbie for my internet access in rural New Mexico but would like to buy one and use my own sim cards. I’m relatively savvy in setting up common routers and modems (and set up the antennas for the Pepwave) but only know how to change the bands on the Pepwave MAX. I have a whole list of questions if you don’t mind!

— Is it possible to use sim cards from two different carriers simultaneously — TMobile and Verizon for example — and switch back and forth as necessary to get optimum connectivity?
— What kind of sim card do I use and where is the best place to buy one? Are there any unlimited plans?
— Where can I find setup instructions?
Many thanks in advance!

In that model two sim cards can be installed, but only 1 is actively used at a time. To flip back & forth can be automatic based on loss of signal, or can be manually set to SIM A or SIM B.

Depending on if your modem will be fixed 100% of the time or mobile, that will determine which carrier + mixture of sim cards will work best. I have 3 sim cards (ATT/VZ/TMO) for a Max Transit in my VAN and rotate between them depending on where I am at. At a family members house their BR1 is in a fixed location with a single SIM card.

Will your modem be in a fixed location or mobile?

Thanks Eric. The modem will be fixed and I’m so new to this I’m not even sure the model I have (MAX Br1 mini LTEA)is the best or most up-to-date. My wife and I are trying to work from home and are tired of getting ripped off by Century Link. Currently we’re month-to-month leasing the Pepwave from a provider that has ultimate control of the modem.

I’m just starting our finding a solution. We have one independent tower about a mile from us and my antennas are pointed towards it. T-Mobile reception was excellent then got spotty (upgrades?) and now my provider has switched me to Sprint with no option to go back to T-Mobile. Previous to the Pepwave I had Verizon LTE Home Internet but the data was killing me

I like the idea of flipping back and forth between sims/providers based on loss of signal because sometimes my clients need an answer asap and don’t understand I have lousy internet…

I would suggest searching the forum for recent threads about unlimited data plans.

In my experience, Tmobile is always slower than ATT & Verizon. Take a look at to see how the other carriers compare and what all LTE bands the towers have in your area. Make sure whatever hardware you get supports all those bands. If you stick with Tmobile make sure you get something that supports band71.

For hardware you should consider something with multiple modems. More is better. Instead of toggling back and forth between sim cards you can have better performance and reliability by having both cell carriers active. Balance 20X + CAT18 module could bond 4 wans. You could keep a low cost cable/dsl and combine that with the cellular. Can even attach your Android device to it as well it to share its data plan.

You would likely achieve best performance with building-mounted directional antennas.