Pepwave Max BR1 MK2

I have my Pepwave Max BR1 MK2 installed in my RV and running on DC power. It is connected to a Poynting 5 in 1 MIMO antenna that is mounted on my roof. My WiFi signal is strong when i am right next to the Pepwave device but as soon as I move away from the device, the signal strength drops off very quickly. I checked in the Advanced WiFi settings and made sure that the signal strength was turned all the way up.

I use an iPhone app called WiFiSweetSpots and when I am next to the Pepwave device, i get a signal strenght of about 220. As soon as I setup out of my RV (about 5ft away) the signal drops off to about 30. If I climb on the roof of my RV and put my phone next to the antenna, the signal is about 80.

I would assume that the signal strength next to the antenna would be super strong.

I did use adapters to go from the antenna connectors to the Pepwave on the WiFi connections.

Any thoughts on how I can improve WiFi signal strength? Any way I can test connections to make sure the adapters are working?

If you are using an external antenna for wifi WAN, then you should terminate the open port if not using both leads at the router. Then get a separate LAN AP for inside your RV.