Pepwave MAX BR1 MK2 will not receive text messages

I can not receive text messages on my Pepwave MAX BR1 MK2. I did receive 2 messages when I first started up the router. But I have not been able to since. I need to be able to receive text messages so I can create an account on the AT&T web site.

It never worked for me.

I tried to do the same thing to get the password. In the end I put the SIM temporarily in a phone. Somewhat to my surprise it worked. I received the message and got access to the account…

I dont think I ever got text messages working on AT&T with the MK2. The plan and device have to be compatible. I dont think most data plans are. Put the SIM into a different device, setup your account, then move it back?

Building on the comment by @mystery - as in so many things, it varies by carrier and by plan. (I know, not too helpful.)

FWIW: TMO and VZW happily send SMS to Peplink devices, even when on regular consumer plans (at least for the ones we have experience with).

If AT&T tolerates moving SIMs around then your spare phone is your friend (possibly being assisted by a SIM adapter when you move it back to the router).



Thanks for the info and ideas. I was able to get the sim card installed into my phone. What a pain, since the peplink uses the largest sim card and the phone uses the smallest.

Peplink really needs to get this working correctly. It is not a very friendly interface when you have to do things like that.

how do you know its a peplink problem? the carrier might not include texting or certain types of texts on the plan. most data only plans do not these days.

You might be correct that a data only plan can’t be used to receive general text messages, i.e., you or I can’t send it a text but I know with the AT&T prepaid data only plans (the $55 for 100 GB), AT&T can send it a text. That’s how you get access to manage the account here: .

That says email is also an option but I could never get an email address attached to the account. The people in the store where I bought the SIM had absolutely no clue what I was talking about when I asked them to attach an email address or set the password so I can manage the account.

When I finally got access by putting the SIM in a phone to receive the text, I saw that the email address was set to [email protected] . I’m not making that up. The account was created in an AT&T store and that’s what the email address was set to.