Pepwave Max BR1 MK2 WiFi ports

There are two ports on the unit, Wifi Antenna A and B. Which one is used for the AP for wifi connected devices? I think one is for WiFi as a WAN option and one for the access point for internal devices.

its all shared on the MK2. both ports do both bands and WAN and LAN AP

I highly suggest if you are doing WiFi WAN to use the MK2 for only WiFi WAN and then get a second LAN AP connected via ethernet

thanks for the speedy response!

I have a Poynting 5-in-1 MIMO 2xLTE, 2xWiFi, 1xGPS outside our office. I have all 5 ports on the BR1 connected to the antenna. I was hoping I could disconnect either A or B from the Poynting and attach one of the paddle antennas that was part of the BR1 kit. My thinking is that this would provide a stronger signal to internal devices while still allowing the BR1 to be able to connect to external WiFI as a possible alternative WAN.



again, read my response. now especially if you have an external antenna, separate the wifi wan and lan. keep wifi wan on the external antenna and get a separate ap for the internal lan.