Pepwave MAX BR1 MK2 / Poynting Antenna MIMO 3-15

We are installing a Pepwave BR1 MK2 on our 44’ fiberglass sailing catamaran. Using a Poynting MIMO-3-15 cellular/WiFi antenna 2 cellular 2 WIFI SMA connections. Unfortunately, the best location for our antenna is at the top of our 60’ mast. Cable run length is 80’ to the pepwave router located in the salon (center of boat). The 4 cables we plan to use are LMR-200, continuous, no splice.

I’m assuming we need to run the (2) WIFI and (2) cellular LMR-200 cables from the Poynting antenna to the Pepwave?

For access point for devices does this make sense?

SMA splitter to connect both Poynting WIFI cables to WiFi “A”. WiFi “B” Pepwave supplied WiFi antenna (ACW-341)

Poynting Cellular cables to Pepwave Cellular Main, Cellular Diversity/Aux.

I am not an expert but I think that is the wrong antenna choice for your boat/situation/that high up. Take a look at the specs PDF and look at the polarization to confirm. I think that antenna may be best for the roof of a car/RV?

You will likely want to look at Poyntings omni directional antennas they have with 1x14 marine connections.

LMR400 or comprable, over LMR200

Short wire run, 80’ way too much, even 40’ is too much. My friends that have sail boats created a dedicated antenna pole at their transom with a pole that extends maybe 10-15’ up. They mounted their wifi and cellular antennas off different arms on that dedicated mast.

Personally, I have the MK2, I did a single cellular and single WiFi Poynting with 1x14. I terminated the other open connections. My LAN WiFi AP is a separate dedicated unit so LAN AP on MK2 is off. If I did it again, I’d be choosing a dual modem Peplink I think, so I could have a second carrier always on.

Thank you for response I had looked at the poynting antennas but would have need to mount along side my VHF I new that was not a good Idea. After your input I am now looking at mounting on my Helm hard top. It will shorten my cable run to about 35’. I would have liked to 400 but just don’t have the room.

Take a look at MPD Digital cables. I believe they have a LMR400 equivalent that is more flexible and smaller diameter.