Pepwave MAX BR1 MK2 LTEA No Longer Connects to ATT Prepaid Data Sim

So something changed in the last couple of months. I wasn’t really paying a lot of attention to my cell connections until the last few days when my Verizon data exceeded allowance and it slowed down. Normally it switches to ATT Prepaid data plan and we are good. Not anymore. Verizon sim works great, ATT doesn’t connect. All I get is acquiring IP and it never connects. I switch ports and problem follows ATT Sim. Went to ATT and got a new SIM and same stuff. It use to work fine but I’m trying some of the variables but with no joy. Seems like ATT might have changed or shut something down so it won’t work anymore.

Anyone else having issues and is there a work around???

The two things I’d check first are (1) that the SIM/plan is active and appropriate for the device and (2) that the APN is set correctly. I’d recommend not using “auto” for APN as we’ve seen the modem pick up the wrong one. This is a behavior not seen until relatively recently. For most (not all) AT&T prepaid plans I’d expect the APN to be “broadband.”

I should also add the obligatory advice “make certain your firmware is current.” ;<) [No, I don’t think that’s the issue here.]

Verified plan is active (haven’t used any data) and APN is set to broadband. Also made sure we have latest firmware.
System was working great until recently. Not sure exactly when it stopped since we have been on either WiFi or Verizon mostly. I suspect something ATT did but the say no Of course. No help from them. Anyone else report problems?

OK, I think you have done all you can do at this point. I’d call them (good luck with that.) I can say we have three of these plans in-house here and all are OK. We have not heard from any of our customers about this.

Also seeing the same issue with my new Max BR1 Pro 5G. Have two 5G sim cards, one on T-Mobile and one AT&T prepaid 50GB plan. the T-Mobile SIM works in both slots of the BR1 but AT&T works in neither slot. The AT&T starts with saying it is connecting, it gets an IP address and then it stays in connecting mode and never completes. Firmware in BR1 is latest as of yesterday. Will try manually setting APN today and report back.

Initially Band information:
LTE Band 66
RSSI: -77dBm
SINR: 9.0dB
RSRP: -105dBm
RSRQ: -10.1dB

When it starts indicating connecting after IP address is captured Band information changes to:
BAND: (null) , SINR: 0.0db

Sounds very similar to my issue. Which plans do you have in house that work? I assume Verizon is one of them since it works great for me. I have had “Obtaining IP Address.” for a couple of days now. Don’t think it will work. Only a couple of weeks left on this prepaid period. Doubt I will renew at this point.

I am using a T-Mobile plan and it works fine. Just the AT&T prepaid 5G plan does not work.

My Verizon work fine also. Att doesn’t connect anymore. Guess I need to fine another backup.