I am a full time RV person that depends highly on my Internet.
I am in need of help with my Pepwave. I purchased it from Mobile Must Haves and they don’t seem to be able
to help. I am trying to RESET my device back to factory settings because I was forced to change carriers. My reset button does not work. I asked if I could send it to them for repair but got no reply.

My employer let me go because I have had no secure internet since Friday.
My serial number is 2939-189B-A98B
My phone number is (949) 295-0356

Any help would be tremendously welcome.
Thank you
Patty Lucas
[email protected]

Hi Patty,
What happens when you try and press your reset button and hold it for 20secs? Do the lights flash / change colour anything?

Hi Patty,

Erik from here. I see you had gone back in forth with our team on chat and email and Chris had sent you help articles on the reset procedure and multiple responses today but I wanted to comment here as well just to close the loop. Your device is outside of its warranty period and also the data plan you are attempting to use is through a 3rd party so it will be difficult for us to troubleshoot the settings needed however I saw that Chris talked to the 3rd party on your behalf and posted the settings required for that line to function. I’ve marked myself as a watcher on that ticket to keep an eye on this. More to come via the email and ticket. Thanks so much. - Erik, MobileMustHave