Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini with Setar on Aruba

Hi, I am trying to get a PepWave Max BR1 Mini to work on Aruba. I have bought a G4 sim card from Setar (provider) and it works well with a Huawei Mobile Wifi E5573. When I insert the SIM into the Max Mini, it makes connection and for a few minutes I am able to surf the internet. Sometimes even a few hours. It seems erratic. But after a while, I can no longer access the internet. The connection is up, the Max Mini has an IP-address, DNS is not working, I can not even ping the DNS from Setar. Sometimes it comes back, sometimes a reboot works, but sometimes nothing works. It is really strange, because when I insert the SIM-card back in the E5573, internet works flawlessly. Any ideas?

When the situation happens (you can’t ping DNS) what does the dashboard of the BR1 Mini show?

If the only internet connection on the BR1 mini is cellular then I would actually disable health checks all together. Do this and see if the problem goes away.

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Hi Martin, thanks, tried it before, but not combined with other changed settings. I have disabled health checks and fiddled around with some other settings. It seems to be working now. I tried the BR1 at home and it worked right out of the box. I knew it would be more challenging on Aruba, but did not expect this. Low signal strength (though near a G4 antenna) and some mysterious changes in settings since I bought the SIM. At the end there were two settings that needed to be changed. One of them was the health check and the other was the APN settings.

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