Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini - Verizon connects to CDMA when LTE is available

I got Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini, tested it with both ATT and Verizon - all seemed fine

Now i am in different location, try using it with Verizon SIM.
It connects ok, but only with 3g. Details say connected CDMA 800MHz
Download rate is 1MBit

I try the same sim in my iPhone - it connects to LTE, with download rate 50 MBit


I’m guessing you are using a SIM card from a residential Unlimited plan? When you move your SIM from your phone over to a router they consider this as “Tethered” data and once you hit 10-15GB of usage they will force it to 3G for the duration of the billing cycle.

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With tethering they throttle speeds to a hard 600 Kbps limit but they do not force you over the 3G CDMA network it remains on 4G LTE, that is a common misconception. you can see an example here:

He is not experiencing the throttle as it is over 600 Kbps and stuck on the 3g network.

I have seen my AC791L have this behavior a couple of times on Verizon and I had to reboot it to get it to get back on LTE. Peplink may want to check out whats going on.

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