Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini PoE Input

I have not been able to power the BR1 Mini via the LAN/WAN port using standard PoE (802.3af/802.3at) enabled switches. Peplink sells a “passive” PoE injector ACW-102. What are it’s input and output power specs? I am trying come up with a comprehensive solution for large VoIP LTE failover deployments.

BR1 Mini can be powered on with 12V passive POE. Please find the testing below.

The passive PoE injector ACW-102 with 12V in and 12V out.


Thanks for clarifying. What distance is supported? This means that a standard PoE switch can’t be used to power the Mini. Bummer!

I think a line should be added to the Mini data sheet right below the ACW-411 listing the ACW-102 PoE Injector. This would let people know what’s required and prevent upset integrators/customers like the one I have to deal with now.

The Power input on the terminal block & DC IN are “DC 12V – 28V 2A”
Is the PoE also DC 12V – 28V 2A?
If so, you can use 24V PoE switches with the BR1 Mini or you could use a PoE extractor and/or converter to change the voltage and extract the power.
Something like this would do the trick

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Around 50ft.

The splitter noted above make more sense than the Peplink injector. It allows the Mini (or any BR1) to be powered by a PoE switch that is 802.3 compliant. This allows the PoE power source to be 100m from the BR1. I think Peplink should test and market it in addition to the ACW-102.

We are using one of those (a SMAKN Active Gigabit PoE Splitter Adapter) for a Max Transit - works quite well off a Buffalo PoE switch. Claims to work up to 100 meter/300 feet.

Hello @TK_Liew,
What other models has the “Passive PoE Injector PE-1012” been tested on? I’m interested if they could be used on a MAX Transit Duo (currently we use something similar to what @GNO-2014 mentioned).
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Marcus :slight_smile:

@mldowling, Max Transit support AC Input 100V – 240V / DC Output 12V, 2A and 2x Micro USB with 5V, 2A each. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support passive POE input.

So @TK_Liew

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ACW-102 (Passive POE Injector 12VDC) can used to power on BR1 Mini only.

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Hi Team, on the Transit Mini spec sheet, it lists Passive PoE input as being able to power the device. Is the correct sku for that ACW-102? Or something else? Please include that sku on the TST-MINI product page.

ACW-102 is correct for the Transit Mini but it will not work on the regular Transit or Transit Duo. Thanks


We have been using the passive POE to power our devices for some time.
I’m actually really surprised at how few devices mention that it’s capable of it.

I have tested this just now on a:
BR1 HW2 -works
BR1 HW3-works
BR1 Mini -works
Transit Mini-works
MAX OnTheGo HW works (WAN5)
B20x -does not work\requires both sides and a connection to the DC jack.
(note on all devices you must connect the passive cable on the WAN port)

I’m pretty sure I also tested on a transit single, slim, and MK2 and recall it working with just the single side or a ACW-102.

I posted this alternative POE injector here:
The great thing is , if it doesn’t work with just the Female 5.5x2.1 mm side of the kit you can use both sides and connect to the male DC jack.