Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini LTEA with Speedfusion WAN and Cell

I am trying to use my Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini LTEA to stream out CCTV video to a server. I currently have a Verizon Sim (static IP) but found that this was not enough. I connected a DHCP ethernet cable and activated the Speedfusion WAN Smoothing & Link Load Balancing trial. I moved the ethernet and cell as primary but not seeing any difference. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Brad. Have you set the appropriate “Outbound Policy” to direct the traffic of interest to SpeedFusion? And, importantly, what are you using as a SpeedFusion endpoint – SpeedFusion Cloud? SpeedFusion Solo? Or, perhaps another SF-capable router?’

And, perhaps you can explain what you mean by “DHCP ethernet cable?”