Pepwave Max BR1 Mini IMEI Locate


I am needing to locate the IMEI on my pepwave max BR1. It is not on the product label and I no longer have the box. I logged in to the device and went to Dashboard ->WAN CONNECTION STATUS-> Details - >
and the WAN Connection status only shows IMSI, ICCID, and MTN Rows but all are empty for SIM A and B. On the main status screen before clicking details, it does read “resetting” for the current priority 1 connection. I did search this within the forum and from what I found the WAN connection status should be the spot but my status screen does not have nearly the other fields that I’ve seen from other users-- perhaps an update or a result of the “resetting” status on the main screen?

Back story here is I purchased this device from a local internet provider, live in a rural location where it’s either this or satellite and have used LTE internet from the local provider for over a year. Two months ago, a family member who received internet from the same company said that they received notice that the company would no longer be supplying internet services and that the internet would be disconnected Feb 1. I reached out to the company (whose website has now been totally changed from internet to Handy Man services :)) and they told me that my internet would not be impacted and that they are still servicing existing internet customers within a defined zone. so i went with it. However, 2 weeks ago my internet went down and the company is not returning my phone calls. I’m trying to set up a hot spot account with verizon using this device for the service and Verizon needs the IMEI, which I cannot seem to find anywhere. Outside of the pathway I laid out above, I feel that I’ve clicked into every area within the IP pathway of this device and have not located the IMEI.

Considering doing a hard reset on the device but wanted to check here first.

Look at either the ic2 dashboard, or under the ? show engineering details

That’s curious. First, update to the current firmware (“standard recommendation”.) Then go to to WAN Connection Status → Details. You don’t see it on a line between MEID and Network Mode? If that does not work I have another idea . Try that first and please report back.

I just checked for firmware updates and it didn’t find any. Here’s a screenshot

That’s not where I would expect to see the IMEI displayed.
OK. Let’s try this another way. I’m a Peplink Partner in the USA. If you care to PM me your serial number I can look up the IMEI for you and will send it to you via PM.