Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini Core - Unable to login to UI via both ports

I recently had in issue with a few Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini Cores. The devices were Online according to the Status and Cellular LEDs, but would not show an Online on the IC2 portal.

When attempting to login into the device to check configurations, I always use without any issues. This time, the IP does not connect to the device UI. I have tried holding the reset button for +/- 20 seconds, but the device still refuses to connect via the default LAN IP on both ports.

Any fix for this issue?


What is the subscription expiration date shown on IC2?

After holding the reset button down for 10 seconds all the lights should flash and the Status should go solid red until it reboots. If so, what IP address is your PC getting after the Status goes green?

Subscription Expiration date is not until 2022.

After the Status LED goes back to green, I was able to see the Router was on, but still cannot reach the UI login page. It has been attempted on multiple computers.

Doesn’t make any sense. Can you ping from the computer?

Yes, I can ping successfully.

Have you tried ? Maybe its using SSL?

Here is how my browser responds above.

My laptop is recognizing the device on

I know this is an old thread, but I am having a similar issue. I have reset the device and I am using DHCP and receive an IP from it. I can ping the device but when I try to access the administration page using, it says “This site can’t be reached. refused to connect.” Were you able to get this resolved? If so, what were the steps? Any advice is welcomed. Thanks.

@Shaun_F, are you using BR1 Mini Core? If so, please open ticket for us to check.

Hi Shaun, I’ve had a number of similar issues after doing a firmware upgrade.
Not sure if yours is the same issue but here’s a link to my posts about it.'t-connect-to-max-br1-mini-core-gui-after-8.1.3-firmware-upgrade/613176bfc756b62197a9ee1b/2

@TK_Liew , I have the MAX BR1 Mini LTE.

@1wheeler1 , I am having similar issues but not exactly. After uploading a config and upgrading the firmware, once the unit reboots and I try to access it, the browser throws an error saying “ refused to connect”. I can ping the local IP of The firmware upgrade goes fine with no “File mismatch” errors. Although, I have received that error on a few before but usually after a reboot it will take it.

This error has me baffled. I can’t seem to figure out what is causing this. I have currently used the same config and firmware(8.2.1) for 300+ BR1 Mini’s and I have now ran into this 2 times. Adding it to InControl2 doesn’t allow me to access it either. I can ping the WAN address with successful replies but when I try to access the unit from the WAN address it times out. Solid green Status light and solid green Cellular light.

I agree with the RMA process taking a long time. Were you able to get a solution or did you have to RMA?

Can I confirm this device is showing online from InControl2? If so, please help to open ticket for us to check.


Hi Shawn
Sorry for the delay in replying, seems I’m not getting post notifications probably due to my spam firewall. I have over 2500 deployed and more than couple dozen so far that had that problem in my post but they were all BR1 Mini Core units. I truly believe they have a mismatch hardware issue that bricks them after the firmware upgrade.

It’s been a while since I’ve tried but I’ve given up on the RMA process. Each time would take days of troubleshooting with support via e-mail replacing power adapter, replacing SIM, factory resetting, etc. and was costing me way more in time than what the device was worth.

I did go through the pain of the RMA process for a number of units for various issues but all the replacement units I received back showed expired InControl subscriptions.

My biggest issue now is they may be out of warranty and you push an updated firmware through InControl that bricks the Pepwave making it unusable and the cost to roll the truck to replace the unit costs far more than the unit itself that can’t be RMA’d anyways.

Only thing I can suggest for your issue is maybe try multiple browsers and then RMA