Pepwave max br1 lte version 7.1.0


Hi ,
i have created two vlan in each LAN but i cant bind the layer 2 vpn profile in different vlan.( I mean one profile two vlan share .)


L2 profile’s can only include one VLAN/Lan segment on each device. Share a diagram of what you are looking to achieve.


Router holds the gateway.Each pepwave lan create layer 3 interface and bind to the layer 2 vpn ( I created subinterface based on the diagram). Any solutions ?



It’s possible ??


Yes that’s possible. You would add two vlans to both BR1s. Then create two Layer2 PepVPNs between each pair of VLANs.

Assuming IP Addresses / subnets are different for VID 20 and 60.


Hi Martin,

Im appreciate for the support. I have a questions regarding create two Layer2 PepVPNs profile cannot bind in the same local id. Any solutions?




I tried before I really can’t bind same local id in different layer2 profile .


@thomasthoo, since you opened ticket on this, we will follow up with you there.