Pepwave MAX BR1 ENT - Default web admin interface credentials failed


I connected using Ethernet cable my desktop PC with Pepwave MAX BR1 ENT and I was able to access the web interface on in my local subnet.

So, I am trying to connect to the admin web interface using default credentials “admin” in both username and password but unfortunately, it fails and after some retries, the login is suspended. After 5 minutes I am able to try again but still “admin” is not authorized.

Any ideas why this is happening on my Pepwave device?


Hi @n_sourl, after first login you are prompted to change login credentials from the default ones, most likely that is why you are not able to login. Is this device added to InControl 2 ? If it has a valid InControl 2 subscription you should be able to access it using remote web admin feature and change user name and password if needed.

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Hi @Rokas_Musteikis ,

Thank you very much for your feedback!

As you mentioned after the first login you should change the default credentials. So, in my case, the provider of Pepwave MAX BR1 ENT device had already done this, and that’s why I was unable to login. So, I requested the correct credentials and now I am able to access the web interface.

Thank you.