Pepwave MAX BR1 dropping all connections until reboot

I have a strange issue.

Model: Pepwave MAX BR1 MK2
Firmware: 8.1.1 build 4994

This is sitting in front of a Meraki MX64 without IP pass through. But will WLAN still enabled. At random times and in a complete unreproducible way the pepwave will simply stop communicating. The LAN interface to the Meraki no longer responds to pings nor will it give out DHCP address’s. The WLAN network disappears as if the radio shuts down. I can’t get back into it at all. All the lights on the front for wifi and lan all appear green it still gets link. I have connected it directly to a laptop when in this situation and it won’t give out a DHCP address nor when manually IP done will the admin interface respond. A power cycle usually fixes the issue.

Again I am unable to force this to happen and there is no pattern to it dropping out. A power cycle and everything comes back as if it never happened however some times it will drop again shortly after. If it was a configuration issue I would expect some kind of common failure.

Now the fun part Zero events in the logs not on the pepwave nothing downstream nothing on the peplink sd interface nothing anywhere.

So I guess the question is has anybody seen this? Is there more logging I can enable? CLI doesn’t give me anything either. So I’m hoping the community might have an answer before I reach out to support.


May I know how the MK2 being powered on? Using the AC Adapter that comes with the box?

May I know how many ethernet/WIFI client connects to the BR1 MK2 and Meraki MX64?

Yes AC adapter that came with the unit.

This is a home setup so while there is around 36-40 unique clients there are only 4 users.

I can not reproduce this via utilization. It happened last night at 3am when there was nothing going on ( And I did check for auto updates which are off on all devices as we are in a rural setting )

I am guess there isn’t a console connection to this unit anywhere right.

Please help download a Diagnostic Report and submit a ticket for us to take a look.


I might be seeing this behavior on a BR1 Classic. Device has cellular and VSAT WANs, but goes totally offline and requires manual reboot (waited 8+ hours). Has happened at least twice since upgrading to 8.1.1 build 5009.

@mbrook, we can’t diagnose the problem here. Please help to do what I suggested below:

By the way, I don’t think it is related to firmware 8.1.1. Need to do further checking.