Pepwave MAX BR1 Bridge Mode?

My company has a Pepwave MAX BR1 and we need to have it configured with bridge mode active. Is there a bridge mode? And if so, how do I get the system configured for bridge mode.

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If this is what your looking for - IP Forwarding will push the wan side ip through to the first internal host. Internal subnet will be routed through the device in full (BR1 will not NAT).

Yes that sounds like what we need, I read this post ( Peplink | Pepwave - Forum )… and it seems to be talking about the same thing. According to that post I may need a firmware upgrade? Which firmware do I need to be on, and what steps are necessary to turn on IP Passsthrough (if that is indeed what I need). We need to configure the cellular IP address as a network interface in our Sonicwall TZ 210 device. The Sonicwall is currently grabbing an internal address for the Pepwave device via DHCP, but we want to set the public IP address for it, and we think that bridge mode is required. Will IP Passthrough do what we’re looking for?


Yes, Cellular Public will get assigned to FW WAN interface and any traffic going from FW IP out will not get NAT’ed.

I would recommend upgrading to our current 6.2.2 firmware:

Comcast Gateway hanging off WAN1(DHCP) of an M700, and Transit hanging off WAN2(DHCP) of the M700.

With Comcast Gateway in NAT mode,
-Comcast Gateway WAN= Comcast Gateway LAN=
M700 WAN1 obtains from Comcast Gateway
After placing Comcast Gateway in Bridge Mode, and disabling/enabling WAN2 on M700,
M700 WAN2 obtains from Comcast Gateway.

With Transit in NAT mode,
-Transit Cell1 WAN= Transit LAN=
M700 WAN2 obtains

After placing Transit in IP Forwarding, rebooting Transit, and disabling/enabling WAN2 on M700,
-Transit Cell1 still WAN= and Transit LAN=still
and M700 WAN2 still obtains from Transit LAN.

Substituting a PC LAN for M700 WAN2 yields same results.

What am I missing?

With the Transit in NAT mode you will still get a 192.168.46.X IP address even with IP Forwarding enabled. A MAX BR1 has the IP Passthrough feature if you want to bridge the cellular IP to WAN 2 on the MAX 700.

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Ron- does this mean the Transit is not capable of Bridge mode, presenting the Public IP on the LAN port? However BR1 is capable of this?