Pepwave Max BR1 5G as central router for house - Starlink AT&T & Wifi 6 Can it do it?

Hello, I need to get a system for a rural house. Hope that the this may be a good choice as central router to do:

  • AT&T sim with data plan
  • Starlink with ethernet port
  • Wifi 6 for house, plus additional APs

Would this be a good choice, I would like to have a unit ready for 5g as it becomes available with antennas I might be able to pickup some 5g but is this main unit good choice that can combine cellular and starling together? Is this router as robust in terms of combining and controlling traffic. Can you even be so granular to setup web sites to use a particular internet source, like youtube go over starling ethernet port, and all other data go to ATT. But if one totally fails to use the other?
Addtionally the house needs a few other AP’s and maybe even an outside one for better coverage. Can this unit runs the other poplin APs? Are there any limits with which ones I can use from Peplink?
Sorry I am new to Peplink and trying to learn and understand which product does what. Thank you