Pepwave Max BR-1 Mini fails to recognize sim

I have been struggling to connect the unit to our GCI provider’s LTE network here in Alaska.
Firmware is 8.0.2 build 3612
I have tested the sim in a phone and it connects to the GCI network
I have inserted the sim in both slots with no sim card detected
The wan connection name is GCI.WEB as provided by GCI
APN is web.gci - also provided by GCI
The PEPWAVE is connected to a Peplink Balance Two and is intended to be a failover to LTE if our main fiber connection fails.
GCI suggests that there may be a missing setting from the GUI interface.
Also I sometimes get a popup saying GCI WEB (id: 2) unsupported value simCardScheme

With the SIM card inserted, if you look at cellular details on the BR1-Mini does it read the SIM info (like ICCID)?

Screenshot that when you see it and share it - never seen that message before.

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Today I reinserted the sim and it went to connecting… for about 5 minutes.
The device could see the GCI signal but ultimately lost contact and went to initializing.

I called GCI tech and they reviewed the Pepwave manual
We went through the settings and looked for a way to set to none rather than auto or chap Etc.
Is there a way to bypass the interface and adjust other settings?

So it detected the SIM this time? In cellular details does it show the ICCID for the SIM card?

What signal readings did you get? eg:

Not with out Peplink engineerings assistance.

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