Pepwave max br-1 -- failover setup for wifi-wan and verizon LTE

I want to use the pepwave max br-1 to provide failover WAN connectivity – first priority being via WPA2 enterprise wifi when available, and second priority being Verizon LTE.

I’m contemplating the ‘IP Passthrough’ feature of the lte modem – this will cause the pepwave dhcp server to issue the ip address assigned to the verizon device via dhcp to ‘a client’ on the LAN side interface. A few questions about this process:

  1. which client’s are eligible to receive this special address? Can I enforce that this behavior will only ever be applied to a specific host on the lan by mac address? Generally I’ll only ever have one dhcp client connected to the pepwave lan – however in the interest of avoiding the kinds of mistakes which could be very difficult to remotely debug - it seems wise to limit this to only one specific client …

  2. what happens when the wifi-wan comes back online? Will the pepwave seamlessly nat new traffic from the ‘pass-thru ip’ on the lan out via the wifi-wan interface? Will the pepwave issue the ‘passthrough’ client a new and different dhcp address after the 2 minute lease expires?

I’m trying to decide whether this feature is reasonable for my use – on the one hand it would be convenient – under normal circumstances the ‘lan client’ in my environment is a peplink balance router wan interface. Its seems convenient to assign the peplink balance wan interface a publicly routable address to avoid double-nat. On the other hand I’m wanting to use the MAX br-1 as both a wifi-wan and a verizon-lte client – and I’m a bit unsure about how some of this failover might work in the presence of this feature…