Pepwave Max and BT Openzone connection

Hi all

I am currently using 3 Pepwave Max routers utilising 3g and LTE networks. I would also like to take advantage of the BT Openzone WiFi service that is available in the UK. The problem with this service is that it utlises a captive web portal for authentication. In other words, devices are able to connect to the WiFi network, but before they can utilise the service, a valid username and password is required to be entered on a web portal page. The account details are no problem. Does anyone know how to pass these details using the Pepwave Max administration software so that the router can take advantage of this WiFi AP?


The MAX routers will not automatically authenticate you to their captive portal. You would need to connect to their network from a PC behind the MAX and enter the credentials via a web browser. Once authenticated, the connection can be used like normal for the given time period they have in place.

Tim, many thanks for the speedy response. Just to be clear, once I have “authenticated” from behind the MAX, the MAX will then utilise this WiFi connection and will be able to “share” this with other non WiFi devices connected via ethernet?

Yes, you are correct. The Wi-Fi WAN MAC address is the one that gets authenticated and all further communication to their network is done through this connection. End users would just surf as normal without having to authenticate again with them.

Of course there is usually a time limit on the authentication and you would need to re-authenticate as needed.