Pepwave MAX Adapter 5G stuck connecting on Balance One

Hello All,
Can’t figure this out.
I’m testing Pepwave MAX Adapter 5G FW the latest with Balance One (FW 8.1.3 build 5172, HW:3) as WAN via USB and I can’t figure out, why it doesn’t work. IT’s stuck on connecting.

While in close proximity (few ft away) I’m able to use it with my laptop with no issues.
I’ve tested 5G SIM cards from T-Mobile and ATT both work on Laptop but not on Balance One.
While connected to B One I’ve tried 1 SIM at the time and used APN as Auto and broadband and respectivly on ATT and T-Mobile but 1 thing consistent it works fine with both or any SIM with laptop but doesnt with Balance One.

I’ve tryed different router and a different USB cord, same thing. Search didn’t help.
Want to make sure I’m not missing anything before I open a support case.

For Balance One/ Balance 210/310 (HW4 or above)/ MAX BR1 ENT/ MAX HD2 Mini/ MAX HD4/ MAX HD2/HD4 MediaFast when connect USB WAN using MAX Adapter 5G (Only 5G variants) , Please upgrade the mentioned router using firmware 8.1.3s106 and this should get the MAX Adapter 5G connected.

Thank you. I saw this special firmware but missed it was for B1 too. I red it as MAX HDs was affected.
its working now.


I am having the same issue with 2 different balance 210 running 8.1.3 . Is there a firmware fix for this also?

@Laurence_Taylor, sorry, missed out on the Balance 210/310. If your device is HW4 or above, you can load the same special firmware (8.1.3s106) as highlighted by @sitloongs.

Happy to confirm that the special firmware resolves the issue on Balance 210. Great support, many thanks.

NB We are getting great performance with Max Adapter 5G (tested in various locations with differing routers), it makes our normal Netgear M5 s look like “snails” !


Hello all,
i have sameproblem (status still in connecting state) with balance 380 running firmware 8.2.0 when i plug the max adapter 5g to usb port. The max adapter 5g works fine whit a windows computer.

Interesting. Minor data point: We have a MAX Adapter 5G in use with a B380 (HW6) and it’s working very well.

What HW version are you running, may I ask?


Our B380 is also HW6


Weird! (I know that was a “long shot.”) I think at this point I might submit a ticket. It would be interesting to know why it works on one and not another.

Side note: We’re looking for greatly improved functionality/UI with the Adapter in FW 9.x.

Thank you for your reply. Ok i created the ticked: id is 22030083.

TU. Please let us know what is learned.

I’m having these same connection problems using the 4G CAT-18 MAX adapter on a Balance One running 8.2.1. FW. I see the special firmware listed is for 5G variants only.

Max adapter works fine on a laptop but won’t connect when connected to the Balance One without multiple reboots or disconnecting/reconnecting the modem to the Balance.

Are you sure 4G MAX adapters don’t have the same problem as the 5G?
I’ve tried everything but the special firmware and was going to return both for a BR1.


Update - Went ahead and tried the special firmware and now won’t connect at all so will go back to standard FW. Carrier is Verizon.

Update #2 - So after reading through some other posts found one about SmartCheck not working with the Max adapter and sure enough saw mine kept failing SmartCheck and then be restarted over and over until for some reason SmartCheck didn’t fail. Changed to DNS lookup and connection was solid. Power cycled the Balance and re-connected normally. Seems there’s some issue with the MAX adapter and SmartCheck. I use SmartCheck with same carrier/SIMs on the BR1s and don’t have the same issue.

Also as others have said interface/management/status of the MAX adapter through the local Balance GUI or inControl is terrible not really showing connection type (LTE-A) or signal strength.
Hopefully this gets fixed soon in a firmware update.

@1wheeler1 – Mike, I think if you have not done so this would be a good time to submit a ticket. This is not expected behavior. [Please post your ticket # here if you go this way.]

As to the issue with “interface/management/status of the MAX adapter through the local Balance GUI” – that is known and we are advised that this will be dealt with in a new FW version.