Pepwave max activation

I know there are many post regarding activation, but it should not be this hard. Pepwave & resellers state it is compatible with vzw. The vzw imei check says it is not & the phone support is no help. I read where I can activate a jetpack & then simply swap the card. Can anyone truly confirm that this works. I would buy a jetpack just to avoid the endless hours on the phone with those guys.

Does the sim work in a phone? Does it require a specific APN?
What does the cellular status show when the sim is in the pepwave?

Sim size is different from my phone so no. I have tried both apn’s given to me, as well auto. I have excellent signal, but it just keeps aquiring IP but never does.

If it’s a tri punch sim you should be able to make the sim smaller/larger by pushing out the sim.
You can try 3g, instead of lte, and confirming the cell antennas are in a v form and it’s not near a wifi/rf source to confirm that’s not interferring.

You really want to start by checking the sims is active in a phone, or calling VZ for support.

Thanks for the input, but I am tired of the endless, useless calls to VZW support. I was told yesterday that it was activated, now to be told today it is not activated & not compatible.
I will be looking at other options, possible AT&T.
Thanks for the responses.

Sorry your having bad luck , I have a commerical account with verizon and get good support with that.
You could try your luck with a MVNO visable(verizon), cricket (att), or (t-mobile)