Pepwave MAX 4G/5G LTE Mobile Router Compliance in Japan

Dear Sir/Madam,

Are Peplink Pepwave MAX 4G/5G LTE Mobile Routers certified for used in Japan and comply with Japanese government agency of Telecommunications Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications?

I believe that the Technical Conformity Mark must be affixed to such devices in order to function correctly in Japan.

Are there any approval list can be download for references?

Thank you very much.

I would recommend contacting an in-country partner, e.g.



Hi TL,

To my understanding, the related Japanese certifications includes 3 parts.

  1. The cellular module.
    Our current method is contain the cellular module ID to comply the radio laws.
    Most of Peplink SKU with following suffix [LTE-EJ], [LTEA-P],[GLTE], [5GD] should able can find JRL/TBL ID.

  2. The Wi-Fi Module.
    It require local certificate and it is own by our Japanese partners.

  3. Power adapter.
    About the PSE part, you may find a same specific power adatper locally with PSE or apply a valid copy certificate with PSE owner.

Basically we’re customizing product for Japanese market now, so we don’t have a list yet.
May i know which model or specifications you’re looking for?

Thank you.

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