Pepwave LAN2 Usage

Can anyone tell me what the purpose of the LAN2 port on a Pepwave MAX BR1 is? In the Web UI I can’t see any
place to assign an IP to LAN2. Nor is there any mention of LAN2 in the manual. Thanks.

Hi sjariwala ,
you can associate a vlan to second lan port, in this way you can have two separate networks even physically .

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Hi asimula, thanks for the info. When I go to create new vlan I don’t see anywhere to associate with Lan2. Do you have a screenshot of where to do it? Thanks.


After you create a vlan, under tab network/ port setting , you should see a table with the ability to associate a vlan to a lan port .

In this moment i don’t have a Br1 online for make a screenshot .

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Hi Swetal,

it like @asimula wrote…
Here are the Screenshots

before adding a new Network with VLAN

after creating new Network with VLAN

you can have a look at this post

Hope this helps


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I got it working! Thanks both of you!