Pepwave HD4 Air Card (Band change)

I have a non profit project in support of troops in which I want to provide free internet to troops in transit through our facility ;

I purchased it online for only $1800 and it totally functional - IF I WAS IN USA. v I am in the Middle East, I was able to acquire Mini PCI E in the correct band…but it didn’t work.

The HD 4 keeps showing “Connecting” but never connects (The sims are active)

Would it be better to use an original Sierra Wireless MC7455 4G LTE CAT 6 Modem? The MC7455 has the proper LTE bands for the location.

It was hinted to me that there is some form of security that prevents someone from changing the modem cards to reset the region.

Any advise is really appreciated. I know there may be a tendency to scoff at someone using used equipment -especially trying to modify used equipment …But as I stated; this is not for profit. I am stuck living in a motor home in Quarantine, having already spending a significant sum on 12 unlimited LTE services and I would like to save where ever possible.

Thank you

@chrisnia, I recommend to return the device for a refund and look for a device that is compatible in your region.


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Hi Tim,

Cant return it . Thanks for the advise.