Pepwave HD2-DOME Installation on sailing Yacht

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I should instal a HD2-DOME Antenna on a Sailing Yacht
The Antenna will be locate on a Spreader which will be at approx 40m High
and i wonder if the supplied Poe box could be locate at the mast base,
in that case the Poe box should be far from 40m to the HD2-DOME antenna
is that possible or not !??
If not what is the limit length to keep between the HD2-DOME and the Poe BOx who should be connect to the Sim-injector.!??

Thanks in advance and waiting your comment

B. R


Electronic Ship Repair Engineer

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Hello Rolland,

the distance between the SIM Injector and the HD2 Dome can be up to 100m. Therefore 40m will work for sure :wink:

You may power HD2 Dome via SIM Injector or with a separate PoE adapter. Both options will work. In case you will use SIM Injector to power HD2 Dome, then SIM Injector power input voltage should be 56V.

Hopefully this helps.

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Many thanks for your prompt repply
This is very helpfull.
For this project i should instal this antena to a Pepwave 8SIM injector
Is that possible to manage this 56v output power with this system
is it possible to get technical manual for me to prepare the installation
As the HD2-DOME antenna and the 8SIM injector have already been supply to my customer and i will install it in november

Thanks in advance
B. R


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Hello Rolland,

Once you connect to SIM Injector WEB management page you can enable/disable PoE output. However you can not control the output voltage and I do not see a reason why it could be needed. In any case, please provide more details as I guess I didn’t understand the question … :wink:

The manual you can find our our Peplink WEB page >here<. We listed all main SIM Injector installation topology scenarios. Also, in case you need to enable roaming for SIM cards in the SIM Injector, please see the page 6 Step 3. (Optional) Custom SIM cards settings. I mention it in advance as from time to time we get questions about it.

Let us know what else information do you need or would be helpful with your installation.

Lastly, one minor thing to mention. The HD2 Dome is not antenna, it is router with integrated LTE modem for WAN connectivity + integrated antennas inside dome. Once you will power it it will provide IP address via DHCP for SIM Injector and any other devices in the same LAN network.

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