Pepwave : Guest Protect


I am just in the phase to roll-out some Pepwave APOnes, which I control with my PepLink 580 router. I have managed to setup the “captive portal” to enable dedicated access for guests to our guest wlan - that works all fine!

Now my question:
Is “Guest Protect” only available in the latest firmware for the 580? I am currently running 5.3.9 build 1676? And I don’t see that option within the router’s web-interface.

Secondly: if I check “Block all private IPs”, do I need to add an exception for the peplink-router itself to enable web-browsing etc. for guests? Or will that be done automatically?


Hi Bjoern,

I would suggest to use the latest firmware on B580 than 5.3.9. Since the gateway is the Peplink B580, it will not be blocked. The idea is to prevent guests from accessing private IP directly but still let them have the Internet connectivity within your infrastructure.