Pepwave External IP

I have an application running as server on PC which is connected to pepwave max BR1 using the AP option. Is it possible to use pepwave domain name ( so that this connection always connects to the application? If so, what rules I would have to configure? The idea is that no matter where peplink is getting it’s internet from, I need a standard format to connect to application running on PC.

What connection always connects to that ? Not following your question. so how is the computer connected to the Peplink via AP ? access Point ? You mean the WiFi on the Peplink router ?

You can use the dynamic dns service to do this. The only limitation might be that when on cellular inbound routing fails due to CGNAT.

TO do this. Setup port forwarding rules for all active WANs to forward your application port to the internal IP of the server.

Then enable the dynamic DNS service in IC2.

accessing should always work as that DNS entry will get autoupdated as the WAN link status changes.