Pepwave Express SNMP


I need to monitor the wan status of a Pepwave Express router using SNMP. I have searched in:

And I have not find anything because the OIDs I get are like " " and none of the MIBs I found are this way.
I have analyzed every MIB with “ManageEngine MibBrowser”.

Could anybody help me?

Thank you



Standard MIB will do. The Object called ifOperStatus and OID is

You may perform SNMP Walk to check on this.


Thank you very much, I was performing “snmpwalk -c public” and the value you have told me wasn’t there. Now, I’m using “snmpwalk -c public 1” to have a wider view of the tree and it appears. Anyway, the only other value I need to find is quality of the wifi signal. Is there any Oid with this value?

Thany you again



Please find the attached for the SNMP Walk, OIDs were listed there.


Thank you for your help,
I don’t find the other value I need, the quality/level of the wifi signal. Could you help me?

Thank you



The requested OID value is not included in the Standard MIB, do consider to post your request using the following link:

Thank you


I’ll do it right now.

Thank you