Pepwave Express replacement?

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After a few years, I have need for another specific Pepwave’s product: the Express Roaming Router. But I have seen this product is no longer on Peplink’s portfolio. Basically, I need its “Dual-Radio Make-Before-Break Roaming Technology” feature on indoor 802.11a.

The scenario is a 10 Km long subterranean gallery with 802.11a Wi-Fi access points every 300 meters and a trolley moving along inside with LAN equipment -including live CCTV cameras- to be connected to the Control Center via Wi-Fi. The trolley operational speed is 8 Kph and its maximum speed is 30 Kph.

What product can guarantee zero latency and zero packet loss roaming?

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Hi Jose,

Thank you for your message. To better follow up with you, I have sent you an email separately.

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Hi Peplink Team,

We have a similar requirement for the Dual-Radio Make-Before-Break Roaming Technology EXPRESS Roaming Router, please let us know if Peplink has any replacement for this product.

A thought would be to run SpeedFusion WAN Smoothing on your LAN and then use a Device Connector to connect to a Balance within your own network.