Pepwave Device Connector - How to connect?

Hi There,

Just received my device connector

I cant find a way to connect and setup the Pepwave Device Connector. No manual except a card that says go download an app. But then the download page says I need

  • This app requires connectivity to a Peplink Balance, Pepwave MAX or Pepwave Surf SOHO router (running Firmware 5.4.0 or later) and will not work without it.

But I dont have one.

It looks like there is a direct web inteface but no instructions on how to connect to it. back of device says

i cannot connect direct ethernet or wifi pepwave_6785 ssid (i see the ssid)

Whats the deal with this device and the lack of support?

Your PC/laptop needs to be in the subnet of to access the web admin page. The default password is the last 8 digits of your device’s LAN MAC address.

These are documented in the user manual. You can download a copy

Thanks for the note.

The information you mentioned is not in the document you linked. There is no info on default password being the last 8 nor connecting on the same subnet.

However it was obvious to me about the subnet and had tried that. Directly with ethernet and via wireless and still have the issue.

My addresses is 20.136/24
Gateway is set to 20.5/24 so it would not collide with the 20.1 of the pepwave

Still an issue connecting

found another way to connect. I reset the unit with the paperclip.

however the default password is not the last 8 of the mac its “admin”